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Why Video Poker Tournaments Can Be the Way to Go!

Posted by Megan On February 12th

For players who enjoy the fun and strategy of video poker but want the thrill and challenge of competition, then video poker tournaments are the way to go!

Video Poker Tournaments

which can be downloaded for free from

Video poker tournaments are usually timed – five, ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes. The goal is to…

…play as many hands as possible in that amount of time and rack up the most points. The player with the highest score when the buzzer sounds wins the tournament prize.

Most tournaments begin with qualifying rounds. The winners of each of these matches advance to the championship round. Often a few randomly chosen wild card players who didn’t qualify will also be included. During the championship round, competitors play as many hands as they can in the time given. In fifteen minutes of play a person might go through 300 hands.

There are many strategies to winning a video poker tournament. Experienced players often suggest a royals-only strategy, which means discarding everything — even three or four of a kind — if you’re not holding cards that will produce a royal flush. The logic behind this strategy is that you need to win big in order to earn enough points to be the champion. While holding two of a kind might make sense in a non-tournament setting, the tournament’s all-or-nothing payout policy means winners must aim high.

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