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When did the game of craps bounce into history?

There are some differing opinions as to where craps originated, but please read for yourself and decide.

Some say that the game of craps was invented by Sir William of Tyre during the crusades in 1125 AD. Sir William and his men came upon a castle by the name of “Asart” or Hazarth. The crusaders were in need of entertainment while they were laying siege to the castle Hazard. Therefore, the dice game they played became known as “Hazard” derived from the castle name.

However, the controversy begins…others believe that Hazard (or the game of craps as we know it) originated from an Arabic dice game called “Al Zar”, which means “dice” in Arabic. Some believe that even before the 12th century, the game migrated to Europe with the help of merchants. In 2600BC, there has also been evidence that dice games were played in Egypt which may prove that the games originated in the Arabic world.

Enough proof to make your decision yet? Here’s some more information to consider.

Back to Hazard…the game became popular in almost every pub in England around the 17th and 18th Centuries. The higher class and noblemen also took part betting their fortunes in luxury casinos.

The game was also picked up by the French. They wanted to be distinguished from the Englishmen and changed the name from Hazard to Craps. This came from the term Crabs which is actually when you throw a losing roll of 2 in the game.

More to ponder…others believe that the name “Craps” actually originated in America from the same crabs terminology while the game spread throughout the coastline and on the Mississippi riverboats.
The game continued to spread across the nation and then in the the 19th Century, John H. Winn, father of the modern game of Craps, developed the way that Craps is played in the casinos today.

What do you think?

Now that you know where the game of craps originated, are you ready to play?

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