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#6 – Multi Roll Craps Bet: All Together Now

Posted by Megan On April 15th

Multi Roll craps bets

This is the 6th tip in our eBook How to Play Craps – 11 Rolls to Win.

Don’t put all your wagers on one number.

Multi roll craps bets are bets that cannot be determined on the first roll.

It’s important to know that casino rules can vary for multi roll craps bets, so we advise that you always check the rules before playing them.

If a point is made by the shooter before the outcome of the multi roll bet decided, these bets are considered “not working” in the new come-out roll until the next point is established (unless the player calls the bet as “working”). Did you know that the Big “M” Casino (Fort Myers Beach) has a free craps class on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?

Here are some popular multi roll craps bets:

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#5 – Rolling Solo: Single Roll Craps Bets

Posted by Megan On April 12th

Single Roll (Photo courtesy of Flickr User Marcus Hansson)

This is the 5th tip in our eBook How to Play Craps – 11 Rolls to Win.

With just one roll of the dice a single roll bet could make you a winner!

These single roll bets are also known as service bets and can include bets like these:

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#4 – Craps Bets: So Many Ways to Win

Posted by Megan On April 8th

Craps Bets, So many ways to win (Photo Courtesy of

This is the 4th tip in our eBook How to Play Craps – 11 Rolls to Win.

Have you ever heard the phrase “You have to play to win?”

Well, get ready to roll! It’s easy to play once you know the basic craps bets. There are more than 40 different types of craps bets, but don’t be alarmed, we are only going to cover the basic bets which get you started.

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Craps Table (Photo Courtesy of winestem on Flickr)

This is the 3rd tip in our eBook How to Play Craps – 11 Rolls to Win.

The craps table is easy to see and HEAR!

It’s usually where the excitement gathers. Everyone is standing around the table including four casino employees. It is long, green and covered in a felt-printed betting diagram. The center of the table is where the hardways and one roll bets can be placed.

The ends of the table have many sections where bets can be placed. The most popular are:

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Game of Craps - Big M Casino (Photo Courtesy of Alan Cleaver)

This is the 1st tip in the “How to Play Craps – 11 Rolls to Win” eBook.

When did the game of craps bounce into history?

There are some differing opinions as to where craps originated, but please read for yourself and decide.

Some say that the game of craps was invented by Sir William of Tyre during the crusades in 1125 AD. Sir William and his men came upon a castle by the name of “Asart” or Hazarth. The crusaders were in need of entertainment while they were laying siege to the castle Hazard. Therefore, the dice game they played became known as “Hazard” derived from the castle name.

However, the controversy begins…others believe that Hazard (or the game of craps as we know it) originated from an Arabic dice game called “Al Zar”, which means “dice” in Arabic. Some believe that even before the 12th century, the game migrated to Europe with the help of merchants. In 2600BC, there has also been evidence that dice games were played in Egypt which may prove that the games originated in the Arabic world.

Enough proof to make your decision yet? Here’s some more information to consider.

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Want to Play Craps on Our Casino Cruise?

Posted by Megan On March 25th

Play Craps on our Casino Cruise

If you’ve ever been on one of our casino cruise boats, you know that one of the most exciting areas to be near is the Craps table. Our guests get so excited at this particular game, that the enthusiasm is absolutely contagious.

People stop what they are doing to look and see what’s going on at the Craps table constantly. If you’re one of those people who would love to learn to play the game of Craps so that you too can partake in the excitement, you’ll be happy to know that we recently added a new edition to our growing list of “How To” manuals. We have already taught you how to play blackjack and how to play roulette…now it’s time to teach you How to Play Craps – 11 Rolls to Win.

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There are many Fort Myers Beach and Myrtle Beach Attractions…

This is the 6th step in our “7 Lucky Steps to make your Gambling Cruise experience THE BEST EVER!”

but there are only a few unique ones you would want to make multiple voyages to.

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