Ready to Enjoy a Fun Casino Cruise on The Big “M” Casino Ships?

Looking for a great way to spend a day or an evening?

Have you reviewed our February calendar?

What about our Specials this month?

February 2016 Calendar

Have you been thinking about joining us on The Big “M” Casino, but for some reason you keep putting it off? Well, now is the time to reserve your spot on either one of our two ships and experience some unforgettable memories!

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Are You Ready to Cruise on Our Big “M” Casino Ships – Myrtle Beach?

August 2015 (Promotions have Changed)

Have you cruised on The Big “M” Casino Ship I? –  Offers Non-Smoking and Texas Hold’em!

Or maybe you prefer The Big “M” Casino Ship II? –  Our Popular Las Vegas Style gambling!              

August Calendar

August is around the corner, and our August calendar is ready for you to review!

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Tip 10: Blackjack Rules. The Rules That Dealers Must Follow

Believe it or not, the blackjack dealer…

This is the 10th tip in our series, “How to Play Blackjack: 21 Winning Tips.” If you would like to view these tips offline and at your leisure, just click for the Fort Myers Beach location or the Myrtle Beach location.

…actually plays by a different set of Blackjack rules than the player.

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When in Rome…On a Carolina Gambling Cruise? Play the Games!

We mentioned in our previous Tip of the what to bring “Do’s and Don’ts” that you might…

This is the 4th step in our “7 Lucky Steps to make your Gambling Cruise experience THE BEST EVER!”

be lucky enough to spot dolphins playfully swimming alongside the cruise, but just in case you don’t, you might want to have some others reasons to be on Carolina Gambling Cruise.

Like, uh, gambling?
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