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How to Play Craps – 11 Rolls to Win

Posted by Megan On May 6th

How to Play Craps - 11 Rolls to Win on Myrtle Beach How to Play Craps - 11 Rolls to Win on Fort Myers Beach

If you haven’t played Craps on our Fort Myers Beach Casino Cruise or our Myrtle Beach Casino Cruise yet, we would like to cordially invite you to come experience the excitement, first hand! There is a reason why people flock to this table and it’s because the game is so much fun…it’s almost contagious. When you see our guests cheering with glee, we know that you’ll want to become part of the action.

If you don’t know how to play craps, that’s perfectly fine. We’ll teach you step by step after the break. Or if you’d like a convenient eBook to read at your own leisure, click on either one of the FREE eBooks above!

Over the past few months, we’ve given you tips on how to play craps. Here is a recap:

  1. The Game of Craps: Have you ever wondered where it all began?
  2. The Rules of Craps: You’re on a Roll, Keep the Streak Alive
  3. What You Need to Know About the Craps Table
  4. Craps Bets: So Many Ways to Win
  5. Rolling Solo: Single Roll Craps Bets
  6. Multi Roll Craps Bet: All Together Now
  7. Proper Etiquette of Casino Craps: Play Nice with the Dice
  8. What Are My Odds in Craps?
  9. Craps Strategies and Betting Systems: What’s My Best Bet?
  10. Casino Craps, Las Vegas Craps and More! Learn How to Play Them All!
  11. Craps Lingo: What You Should Know and Say When Playing Craps

So now that you’ve got some basic skills and strategies to use on the craps table, come out and join us!

To make reservations:

We look forward to having you on board to take part in the most exciting game on the Big “M” Casino, CRAPS! But if you’d like to try out one of our other table games, we can help you learn to play blackjack or learn to play roulette, too.

– Emily

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