Frequently Asked Questions

This Weeks Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: How do I get a players card?                                                                                          A: When you arrive head to the Cashiers desk on the ship to fill out a players card application. Have a seat at a slot machine and fill out the application and bring it back up to the desk when you finish. The casino host will give you your players card in exchange.

Q: What is the players card used for?                                                                              A: The players card allows you to earn points every 500 points is $5 cash! These points never expire and can be redeemed at any time. If you save the card to bring it with you next time you will receive free boarding. With this card you can also earn coupons or a VIP status.

Q: What time is boarding?                                                                                                A: For the 11am cruise boarding begins at 9:30. Then at 5 pm boarding for the 6 pm cruise, which goes out Thursday through Sunday evenings. The ship leaves exactly on time so we ask that you arrive about 30 minutes before.

Q: Are you associated with any other casinos?                                                                   A: We are not associated with any other business except the Sea Racer Dolphin Tours.

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