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7 Ways to Improve Your Gambling Skills!

Posted by Megan On May 11th

When was the last time you tried a new game on The Big “M” Casino?

Which games are your favorites?

Are there two or three that you play over and over again?

Gambling - Blackjack
So many people who visit The Big “M” Casino know exactly what game they want to play – which is great!

But some of our visitors aren’t quite sure of the rules for all the games, so they don’t play them. Missing out on an exciting opportunity to play at the tables or slot machines.

We understand when you watch some of the games they can be a bit overwhelming at first. That is why we offer our FREE online library with a series of FREE “How To” eBooks that are easy to download. You can read them at your leisure.

As you might have guessed, you are not alone with that overwhelming feeling. At The Big “M” Casino, we have reached out to all of our visitors by creating easy-to-follow eBooks on “how to” play each game.

The best part is they are FREE!

Many of our visitors tell us that they find our eBooks enlightening and are thankful for the information. Now is the time to improve your gambling skills by learning how to master a new game, or all 7 of them!

Here a sample of what you’ll learn:

How to Play BlackJack – 21 Winning Tips

▪    How to “Double and Split”
▪    BlackJack Hand Signals
▪    How to Win a FREE BlackJack Dinner Cruise

How to Play Roulette – 16 Spins to Win

▪    Roulette Terminology
▪    Rules of the Game
▪    How To Place Your Bets

How to Play Craps – 11 Rolls to Win

▪    The Rules of Craps
▪    The Table Layout
▪    Proper Table Etiquette & Betting Systems

How to Play Three Card Poker – Everything You Need to Know

▪    Basics of Three Card Poker
▪    Poker Etiquette
▪    Poker Odds

How to Play Slots – “Lotsa Slots”

▪    The Most Popular Slots
▪    About the Games
▪    Variety of Ways to Win

How to Play Let It Ride – Cowboy!

▪    Strategy & Etiquette
▪    The Odds
▪    Basic Rules

How to Play Video Poker – What You Need to Know

▪    Strategy
▪    The Odds
▪    Payoffs

 Download your eBook(s) today!

How-to-Play-Blackjack---21-Winning-TipsHow to Play Roulette - 16 Spins to WinHow to Play Craps - 11 Rolls to Win How To Play Three Card Poker - Everything You Need To Know

Lotsa Slots - How to Play Slots Let It RideHow to Play Video Poker

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our gambling cruises, contact us online, or call 239-765-PLAY.

Enjoy your eBook(s)!


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