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#1: Three Card Poker Through the Years

Posted by Emily On July 20th

The Poker Game by Charles M Russell 1894

This is the first installment of How To Play Three Card Poker – Everything You Need to Know which can be downloaded for free by clicking either eBook icon below.

More than ten centuries ago, various card games involving the basic principals of a ranked card, domino combinations, or the use of “bluffing”, evolved into one of the most popular card games played today. This game, played in various forms, has come to be called “Poker”.

As with many games, the exact origins of three card poker are still uncertain. However, many agree that it appears to have originated from a 16th century Persian card game, As Nas. As Nas was played with 25 cards, and 5 different suits. It was played in a similar fashion to modern 5-card stud Poker, with similar hands rankings, such as three-of-a-kind.

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Learn How to Play Three Card Poker!

Posted by Emily On July 6th

Three Card Poker

Have you ever seen people playing three card poker and wondered, could I do that?

Well, you can! It’s quite easy to learn and it’s a total blast to play.

Your guide to learning how to play this variation of poker is right here.

It is slightly different than the more common 5 card poker, Texas Hold-em poker or 7 card stud versions, but guaranteed to be just as fun. 🙂

You’ll learn all the basics like:

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Fort Myers Beach Florida Big M Casino Cruise Ship Events Calendar

Fort Myers Beach, Florida

  • Thursday – 10% bonus jackpot AND match play buy in for gold and preferred members
  • Friday – SENIOR DAY (AM Cruise Only) FREE buffet with the purchase of a boarding pass
  • Friday Night – Prime Rib/Seafood Buffet
  • Saturday – Enjoy the music of our awesome DJ’s (check the calendar for your favorite)
  • Sunday 7/10 and 7/24 – Ole Blue Eyes Sinatra Tribute

Play Craps on Thursday nights and ALL Friday, Saturday and Sunday cruises in Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

Day Cruises- Wednesday-Sunday 10:30am-4:30pm (Boarding starts at 9:45am)

Evening Cruises- Thursday-Sunday 6:00pm-11:45pm (Boarding starts at 5:15pm)

If you’d like to make reservations on our Las Vegas Style Gambling Casino Cruise Ship that includes blackjack, roulette and craps, feel free to contact us for a Fort Myers Beach, Florida Casino Cruise or call us at (239) 765-PLAY (7529).

Check out the Myrtle Beach, Big “M” Casino cruise ship events calendar as well after the break!

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