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Craps Lingo (Photo courtesy of Flickr User Lisa Brewster)

This is the 11th tip in our eBook How to Play Craps – 11 Rolls to Win.

If you want to be a high roller it’s best to learn the lingo.

This post will cover craps lingo from A – Z.

If you read and understand the following casino craps lingo, you will definitely improve your confidence at the craps table!

A: Aces – betting that the next roll will be the total sum of 2 (each dice rolls a one) – Also called “Snake Eyes”

B: Big Red – another word for seven (Remember, it’s bad luck to use the word seven at the table!)

Bones – another name for dice

Boxcars – slang for a total of 12 on the dice (Also called “Midnight”)

Boxman – table supervisor who sits between the dealers and opposite the “Stickman”

Box Numbers – these are the place bet numbers; 4-5-6-8-9-10

Boys or The Boys – slang for the dealers (this can apply, even if the dealers are female)

C: Come bet – a bet made after the point is established (pass Line bet)

Come out roll – the first roll of the dice to establish a point

Crap Numbers – the numbers 2, 3 and 12

D: Don’t Come bet – a don’t pass bet made after the point is established

Don’t Pass bet – a bet that the shooter will not make his point when he rolls the dice

F: Front Line – another name for a pass Line bet

Field Bet – one time bet that the next roll of the dice will be on numbers in the “Field Box”

G: Garden – slang for the Field Bet

H: Hard Way – a bet on 4,6,8, or 10 that wins only if the dice roll as pairs; 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5

Hi-Lo – a one roll bet on 2 & 12

Hi-Lo-Yo – a one roll bet on 2,12 & 11

Hot Dice or Hot Table – when players are winning

L: Lay bet – a bet that a dice roll will be 7 before the number you are placing comes up

Little Joe – slang for a pair of twos on a dice roll or hard 4

M: Mark the Point – the dealer puts the puck on the layout to indicate the point number

N: Natural – a 7 or 11 dice roll on the “come out” roll for a winning bet

O: Odds Bet – an additional wager made in addition to the pass line bet

Off – what you say to indicate that bets are not active on the next roll of the dice

On – this means that your bets are working or in action

Outside Numbers – place bets on the 4-10 –5-9

P: Parlay – adding your winnings to an original bet and wagering it all.

Pass Line Bet – a wager made on the come out dice roll in which you are betting that the shooter will make the point

Point – the number established by the come out dice roll

Proposition Bet – a wager on one of the bets in the center of the layout

R: Right Better – a player with a bet on the pass line

Rack – the grooved rail where you keep your chips

S: Seven Out – expression when a shooter rolls a seven before making their point thus losing the pass line bet

Shooter – the player rolling the dice

Snake Eyes – slang for rolling a 2 (each dice has a 1) Also called “aces”

Stickman – the dealer with the stick that pushed the dice to the shooter and calls the rolls

T: Toke – another word for a tip

W: Wrong Bettor – a player betting against the shooter

Y: Yo or Yo-leven – the word used for rolling an eleven so as to not confuse it with “seven”

Now that you know some craps lingo, test your luck and join us on the Big “M” Casino. If you are interested in one of our Vegas Style Gambling Cruises that include Craps, Black jack and Roulette or just want more information…

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– Emily

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